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Dresden Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Principal's Message

 Dr. L. Moneke Fields, Principal

It is an honor for me to learn, teach, and lead in the Dragon Community!  


My deep passion for education comes from personal experiences that I have had with outstanding opportunities which created uplifting outcomes for my own life.  Since 1999, I have served in elementary education settings.  As a result of my professional experiences and growth, I serve to empower each member within the community to build students’ independence and self-directed learning ability.  As the principal of our school, I work each day to facilitate the collaboration necessary to provide current best practice and guarantee the highest outcomes for students in every part of our school.  


Our focus at Dresden is to maintain an engaging student-centered environment where the children create and participate in meaningful learning during every moment of the school day.  Our students have daily opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and psychologically.  Authentic lessons, special areas classes, and enrichment experiences are essential for each of our children.  With coordinated effort, we generate an exciting and challenging learning environment for all students.


The supplemental services such as extracurricular, mentoring, tutorial, and nutrition programs that seek to mitigate the learning barriers many of our children are facing are essential.  Also, we continually aim to help parents and families provide strong support for students learning and growth at home.  


Our strength lies within collective work of the Dresden students, parents, staff, and community partners.  Each young dragon is important!  This is why the children’s safety, well-being, growth, progress, and achievement are our first priorities.  All stakeholders, including parents and students, are invited to share ideas and concerns to help us make our school greater.


Beyond Limits!


Dr. L. Moneke Fields